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Location Country Courses Registered Website
Australian College of Christian Studies Burwood Australia 45 www.ccs.edu.au
Bible College of South Australia Malvern, SA Australia 9 www.biblecollege.sa.edu.au
Brisbane School of Theology Brisbane Australia 10 bst.qld.edu.au
Carey Baptist College Auckland New Zealand 6 www.carey.ac.nz
Eastern College Australia Melbourne Australia 4 www.tabor.vic.edu.au
Harvest Bible College Scoresby, Victoria Australia 9 www.harvest.edu.au
Laidlaw College Auckland New Zealand 8 www.laidlaw.ac.nz
Malyon College Brisbane, Queensland Australia 9 www.malyon.edu.au
Morling Theological College NSW Australia 21 www.morlingcollege.com
Nazarene Theological College Thornlands Qld Australia 10 www.ntc.edu.au
Pathways College of Bible and Mission Tauranga New Zealand 4 www.pathways.ac.nz
Perth Bible College Western Australia Australia 6 www.pbc.wa.edu.au
Reformed Theological College Victoria Australia 7 www.rtc.edu.au
Sydney Missionary and Bible College Croydon, NSW Australia 16 www.smbc.edu.au
Tabor College Adelaide Millswood Australia 10 www.taboradelaide.edu.au
Tabor College Inc (WA) Perth Australia 10 https://tabor.edu.au/
Talua Ministry Training Centre Luganville Vanuatu 0 www.talua.org
The Salvation Army Booth College Bexley North Australia 0 boothcollege.edu.au
Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies Tasmania Australia 4 www.worldview.edu.au